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Greetings, my name is Tammy Pike and I have been a photographer for over 10 years now, I have experienced the extreme pleasure of photographing many beautiful souls.

I started this business many years ago when I seen the outrageous prices the national companies were charging for prints for school pictures. I decided enough was enough. I understand all businesses need to make a profit, but the 500% mark up on prints was over the top. Especially when all the images were the exact same as the next student. The bored lifeless smiles were usually a huge disappointment for most parents with the boring blue background. So, I decided I would start taking my own, and offer variety of poses, expressions, and backdrops for a low reasonable price we all could afford. When word got out in my small hometown, my business took off. Even though I was brand new at taking professional pictures, I put my heart and soul in capturing the best personalities of the younger generations. My goal was for each parent to rejoice with pride of how personable their children’s school pictures turned out to be.

Throughout the years I have taken pictures of everything from petrified wood, beautiful brides, stunning models, precious newborns, excited seniors, as well as blissful happy couples. I have maintained a student classification with my photography since day one. I studied under one of the leading light experts in the world. He taught me almost everything I know when it comes to how the quality of images should look. And still today offers advice and direction when taking on a new challenges with my work, for I am still learning.

I am originally from Illinois, but I have lived in Oklahoma off and on for since I was 17. I opened  T Pike Photography in my hometown around 2010 and had sessions till I moved to Broken Arrow in 2019. Since I moved back to Oklahoma, I have struggled with the decision to start over with a new business. Finally, after many prayers and careful thought I have decided that I am not done yet. I am happiest with my camera in my hand. So…… starting fall of 2021, Studio777 will be open to offer a variety of different types of photography. I hope you will join me for this new adventure! We are super excited to be starting this new business in Broken Arrow. I will be offering studio or natural light images for all those who are needing photography work done.    

                                                                                  T. Pike

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